Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sun Dry Tomatoes and Basil cheese

This is so quick to make you can serve it with crackers or one of your favorite breads. I really hope you enjoy it...

6-to-8 ounces goat cheese

18-24 fresh basil leaves

1 bottle sun-dried tomato in oil

coarsely black pepper

I lay out all my crackers on a plate..I then place some goat cheese and then a piece of basil. I then drizzle the sun dried tomato oil over the top. I love adding a little black pepper just before serving.


Happy Gardening..


Asparagus blue cheese rolls.... appetizers

Asparagus Blue cheese rolls this appetizer is one of my favorite recipes.... Enjoy!

12 slices of white bread....crusts removed

1/3 cup blue cheese (room temperature is best)

12 cooked asparagus drained well

1/3 to 1/2 cup melted butter

mayonnaise to taste

preheat oven 375

Using a rolling pin gently flatten each slice of white bread.

In a small bowl mix blue cheese and enough mayonnaise to make it spreadable. Then spread about a teaspoon of mixture on each slice of white bread, place an asparagus spear on the end and roll it up. (try not to let too much asparagus hang out if so cut)

Melt butter then spread with a paint brush on each bread wrap on all surfaces. Place seam side down on baking sheet. bake 10-12 minutes until crisp. Then cut the roll into 4 pieces enjoy!

Happy Gardening..


Radishs means stay away

You should plant radishs near your cabbage and eggplants.

How will this help? Well the flea bettles and root maggot flies will eat your radishs before they will eat you cabbage and eggplant. ( atleast that is the goal) When the radish is covered with insects pull up plant and destroy it....

Happy Gardening..


How to plant potatoes...eyes up or eyes down??

If you think all potatoes are the same you have never had a home grown potato. I think potatoes from the garden are wonderful and they are so easy to grow....

Potatoes can be planted by seed but this can take a long time and they will be need to be started indoors and then transplanted. I believe the best way is to use seed potatoes. These are tubers that have many eyes or sprouts. I cut mine so there are at least two eyes on each potato.I have found that presprouted potatoes develop quicker than whole seed potatoes. (I cut my potatoes and let sit out for 2 days so they can get a skin on the side that I cut) I plant them when I know there will only be 2-4 weeks until my last frost. Potatoes do the best when the soil is warm 60-70 degrees.

Potatoes like good soil I make sure my soil is full of compost. I then plant my potatoes eyes up in a trench and 4 inches deep and about a foot apart. I always cover my potatoes with about 2-4 inches of soil.

It will take about a week for the sprouts to come up. After my plants get about 6 inches tall I then "hill" them I start putting dirt all around my potato plants so they look like little "hills" I do this about every two weeks keeping dirt right up to my potatoes. When your plants are full size you can mulch them I don't...I just sit back and wait for my potatoes leaves to dye back.

After the leaves have dyed back I know that I can now harvest my potatoes. Just lift the entire plant and search for those yummy spuds.

I dig mine up and store dirty...I just wash and cook them.

* Don't eat green potatoes they would have an off flavor and could make you sick.

I would love to hear how you grow your potatoes.

Happy Gardening..


Dividing Herbs and a recipe

Every year I have to divide some of my herbs this year it will be my mint and chives. My chives have over-grown in to big clumps and my mint has jumped out of one of my beds. This is how I divide my herbs.

I dig up my chives and mint from underneath the soil trying to keep all the roots intact. I then use a knife and slice the soil into smaller clumps. I plant these new clumps of herbs in a place where they will have a lot of room to grow. This way I won't have to divide them in a few years.
* The best time to divide is early spring or fall

One of my favorite ways to use mint:

I usually go out in the morning and cut a few stalks of mint. I chopped them up a bit and place them in a ice tray...I then fill the ice tray with water. After the ice gets solid I put a few mint ice cubes in my favorite tea Yum!! I hope you try this!

Happy Gardening!


Growing Vegetables in the Shade?

Yes, you can grow many vegetables in the shade. Here are a few that will grow behind a house, or even under a tree.











Now even if you have a shaded yard here are a few veggies you can grow.

Happy Gardening..


What plants can you grow in pots?

There are times when you do not have space to grow vegetables in your yard. I have found that you can grow many vegetables right on your own back or front deck. You just need a large pot and some good dirt with a little compost mixed in and you will have vegetables all season long.

Here are the best plants you can grow in pots.





Snap Beans




Carrots (small finger type)

Happy Gardening...