Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dividing Herbs and a recipe

Every year I have to divide some of my herbs this year it will be my mint and chives. My chives have over-grown in to big clumps and my mint has jumped out of one of my beds. This is how I divide my herbs.

I dig up my chives and mint from underneath the soil trying to keep all the roots intact. I then use a knife and slice the soil into smaller clumps. I plant these new clumps of herbs in a place where they will have a lot of room to grow. This way I won't have to divide them in a few years.
* The best time to divide is early spring or fall

One of my favorite ways to use mint:

I usually go out in the morning and cut a few stalks of mint. I chopped them up a bit and place them in a ice tray...I then fill the ice tray with water. After the ice gets solid I put a few mint ice cubes in my favorite tea Yum!! I hope you try this!

Happy Gardening!


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