Friday, June 19, 2009

Mom's Clematis Recipe

My mom has the most beautiful Clematis...I have been asking her to share what she has been using on it and she has finally told me....

My mom's Clematis Recipe:

5 gallons compost

1/2 cup lime

1/2 cup bone meal

Mix all the ingredients together and spreed over base of plant. She does this early spring every year.

My mom also cuts her Clematis back hard in the early spring to encourage lots of new growth...she told me she cuts the Clematis down to around 8 inches above the ground don't be afraid to do this you will reap many new blooms. *Early Bloomers* There are a few Clematis you shouldn't prune back and they are..Alpine and Anemone if you prune back early you will be cutting off there only buds.

My mom also said she cuts all dead growth and messy vines after blooming to prevent disease's that go into the soil.

I hope your Clematis will look as good as my moms next year!

Thank you Mom!!!

Happy Gardening...