Monday, May 4, 2009

Help get my Rubarb Growing

To get my Rhubarb growing I use..

1 Tbsp. Epsom Salts

1 cup strong tea

1 cup of organic matter

mix together with 1 quart water

pour this mixture into the ground near the Rhubarb.

Happy Gardening


Grapes grow the best in loose soil....with Good drainage.

I mix equal amounts of soil, peat moss and a little manure to get my grape plants started out right.

You can Fertilize grapes with 1/4 lb of ammonium nitrate in early spring. You should spread this about 2 foot from the vine. The next year do the same but 3 foot from the vine and so on...

Happy Gardening..


Organic Flower Bug Spray

Here is another organic bug spray...

1/2 cup marigolds

1/2 cup geraniums

1/2 cup garlic minced

I chop this very, very fine mix with 10 gallons of warm water. I pour this all around my vegetable and flower beds.

When should I plant?

I have little reminders on when I plant my garden here are a few.....

I plant my tomatoes, melons and eggplant when the peonies flower and when the black locust bloom.

I plant my pole beans and cucumbers when the apple blossoms drop.

I plant my potatoes when the white oak leaves are as big as a cats ear.

I plant my spinach, beets and onions when the daffodils bloom.

I plant my broccoli and cabbage after the dog-woods have dropped their flowers.

Happy Gardening...


Compost Helper

You can add this after you have started you compost pile...

1/4 bottle of beer (cheap)

1/4 cup ammonia ( not much more)

1 gallon of warm water

Pour this over your compost pile you will see a big difference in weeks.

I do this Spring and Fall.

Happy Gardening...


Seed Soak

You can soak your seeds that have a hard shell in this wonderful liquid.

1 Tbsp. Fels-Naptha soap (I find this in the laundry aisle)

1 tbsp. Epsom salts

1 tbsp. tea water

1 gallon of very warm water

I put all this in to a bowl and put my seeds in there over-night. I wake up the next morning and plant.

Happy Gardening..


Organic Fertilizer

This is great for all veggies..

5 cups seaweed meal

3 parts granite dust

1 part dehydrated manure

1 part bone meal

Combine all these ingredients in a bucket....put a couple hands on your plants 2 or 3 times during planting season.

Happy Gardening..


Fruit Tree fungi..

This Chive solution helps Fruit Tree Fungi....

1 bunch of chives leaves

4 parts water

Put Chives and water in pan and bring water to a boil....let cool and strain. Put in hand sprayer and spray fruit trees every day for seven days.

Happy Gardening..


Organic pest control for Ahids

I am not a big fan of I use this to control them on my herb plants.

1/2 cup Parsley flakes (fresh is best)

2 Tbsp. of minced garlic

3 cups water

Mix together and boil to 2 cups. Strain and cool.

I use this in a 20 gallon hose-end sprayer drench the herbs....use until aphids are gone. Could take a few days.

Happy Gardening...


Knock the Weeds out of your Yard

This is a great organic way to kill those stubborn weeds in your yard..

1 Tsp. Gin

1 Tbsp. Vinegar

1 Tsp. of liquid dish soap ( I use cheap)

1 Qt. of very warm water

mix together pour into hand spray bottle....drench weeds.

Do not spray near near-by plants.

Happy Gardening...


Blight Tonic

Use this on tomatoes, potaoes, and celery...

1 Tbsp. of horticutural oil (found in gardening centers)

1 Tbsp. baking soda

1 Gal. water

Mix together put in a spray bottle and soak plants.

Happy Gardening...