Monday, May 25, 2009

Vegetable plants for the beginning gardener

We went to my brother's yesterday and he has a small garden. We were out back looking at what he had planted. I hated to tell him many things he was trying to grow was not right for our area or zone (ours is 6). He has two children and they want to see something I gave him a list of easy to grow vegetables that he is going to try.

Vegetables for the beginning gardener


Bush Beans ( no trellis to build)

Cherry tomatoes ( I told him to use a tomato cage)


Green Peppers

Lettuce (he was trying head which doesn't grow in our area I suggested leaf lettuce)



I can't wait to go visit in a few weeks and see how his garden is growing. It is always fun to watch a new gardener. He inspires me to write this blog for others that don't know how to garden and a few tricks on how to beat all those bad bugs!

Happy Gardening,