Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rosemary, Sage and Spearmint

Rosemary... not only smells good it can add flavor to a roast or some small red potatoes. Did you know that Rosemary also repels bean beetles and carrot flies?

Sage... is great on all kinds of meats especially fish and chicken. I also use it for sore throats. I crush it up add some water let it set for a while then strain. It works on minor sore throats.

Spearmint...I use this to make tea...Did you know that Spearmint keeps rats away. I plan on planting some next to my rabbit hutches.

Happy Gardening...


Fun Ways to use Herbs

I love using herbs in my daily life....but all herbs are different. Here are a few ways you might enjoy using herbs...

Rose Petals and Calendula petals...place in a warm bath tub

Oatmeal with Calendula petals crushed up to make a salve for a sun burn or rash.

Basil and Peppermint place in a bowl and fill with hot boiling water this will open your sinus's and just might open some clogged pores.

Chamomile and Lavender place in a soft pouch and place under pillow for a nice nights rest. (crush the herbs just before resting)

Happy Gardening...


Easy Herb Salad dressing

My favorite meal is salad....I love having a homemade dressing to go with a great salad. Here is a quick salad dressing everyone will love.

1 part herb flavored vinegar ( place herb in a jar filled with vinegar overnight)

3 parts of olive oil

2 teaspoons of your favorite dried herb

place oil, vinegar and dried herbs in a mason jar shake hard.

Pour over your salad.

Let me know what you think....

Happy Gardening..


What is this...Wilts, Rust, Blight,Powdery Mildew

What is Powdery Mildew? Your plants will look like someone put baby powder on them. The mildew can be on top and on the bottom of the leaves.

The Wilts... This can happen because of fungi and bacteria. Your plants leaves will turn yellow and wilt. I think this happens because of over-watering.

Blight..Brown spots or patches on your plants leaves...you might even see them shrivel up and rot.

Rust... I get this on my Roses. It makes the leaves look like someone placed rust all over the leaves.

Happy Gardening..


I just hate flea beetles....

Almost every year I have flea beetles on my broccoli this is what I do to get rid of them....

6 cloves garlic

1 tablespoon crushed red pepper

I crush the garlic and the red pepper and place in a mason jar. I pour 1 quart of warm water over the pepper and garlic. I place this in the windowsill for about a week. I strain this and place it in a spray bottle. I spray on both sides of the leaves....I never do this on a sunny day it might burn the plants.

Happy Gardening..


Get Rid of Slugs

I usually try to go out early in the morning to remove the slugs off my strawberries...I put them in a bucket of soapy water....but there are times that I can't get out early enough. So here is what I do.....

I have found that if I place mason jar lid filled with beer (cheap) they will stay off my strawberries.

Keep replacing beer as needed.

Happy Gardening..


Alkaline loving plants

Alkaline plants are plants that like their soil with the pH 7 or above.











Okra Swiss


Happy Gardening..


No more Damping off

Here is a mixture to help those young plants from damping off....Damping off is a fungal disease but this might help prevent it.

1 cup water

2 teaspoons dried Chamomile flowers

Bring water to a boil stir in Chamomile and cover let this cool and strain

Use this liquid by putting in the soil before you plant your seed or plants. You can also water your plants with this liquid.

Happy Gardening..


What are Acid loving plants??

Here is a small list of some acid loving plants.... this means they like their soil pH below 6.5. These plants will have a hard time in alkaline soil.





butterfly weed


Happy Gardening..


Pour me a cup of Leaf Tea?

This might sound strange or Crazy but tree leaves contain huge amounts of acid. Plants such as azalea, parsley and blueberries would love to have a cup of leaf tea.

How to make leaf tea....

you will need:

a 5 gallon bucket

a small bag of brown oak leaves

Fill the bucket 1/2 full of the oak leaves

then fill the bucket to just cover the leaves

set the bucket in the sun for 1 week....the tea will be dark brown when done.

Strain the mixture and use on your plants.

Happy Gardening...


Worms help my Garden

This is a great recipe to help get those new plants growing....

12 cups worms castings (or compost)

1/2 cup Epsom salts

Mix well...I put 1 cup of this mixture into each hole...great for tomatoes

Happy Gardening...