Friday, May 8, 2009

5 reasons why we stake our tomatoes

We have always staked out tomatoes but I am sure some wonder why so here are a few reasons why we do.....

1. Fruit is cleaner...keeping fruit off the ground.

2. Slugs love tomatoes. (keeping tomatoes off the ground keeps slugs from eating your tomatoes)

3. Keeps garden tidy

4. We think we get more tomatoes (we don't prune our tomatoes)

5. You don't have to bend over as much...which wastes time.

Happy Gardening...


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Amber@OneMamma said...


Do you stake the main stem, or do you place stakes around the plant and surround the stakes with wire fencing?

I am growing my tomatoes up a natural rope this year, but have to prune regularly to keep the weight down--any alternative suggestions?