Friday, May 8, 2009


We have a few raspberries growing in garden but the birds usually get them before we do. You can plant raspberries just about anywhere but they do like a big handful of compost when planting. You should plant them at least 3 feet raspberries 1 inch deeper than the root ball. They like good drainage we have ours planted so the water drains down the hill.

I suggest that you plant them in a long row...and keep sister plants from growing in the middle of the beds. I just cut them off to the ground when they start appearing in the spring.

Don't forget that raspberries are biennials this means that next years growth will come from new canes...and last years will die after fruiting. Make sure you cut them to the ground and prune back all woody canes. Try to keep your beds nice and tidy...keeping the middle of the beds clear.

Happy Gardening..


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