Monday, May 4, 2009

Compost Helper

You can add this after you have started you compost pile...

1/4 bottle of beer (cheap)

1/4 cup ammonia ( not much more)

1 gallon of warm water

Pour this over your compost pile you will see a big difference in weeks.

I do this Spring and Fall.

Happy Gardening...


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Anonymous said...

a little gross but, urine makes a great jump starter for compost. it's high in nitrogen and the pile will heat up quickly. i have two boys and a little girl who can't stand to be left out. once a week or so (more i'm sure if i don't catch them) they're allowed to "water" the compost pile. an unexpected upside has been that the small critters (rodents, possums, squirrels) leave the compost alone. i can only guess this is because it smells like people. great blog you have here! i love all of the tips and tricks. keep up the good work!