Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Friends Recipe to Keep Bugs Away.....

I have a dear friend that reads my blog and she gave me her recipe to get rid of bugs...I have never tried this but by looking at the ingredients it just might work.

Bug Spray:

1 Cup Murphy's Oil

1 Cup of Antiseptic mouthwash

1 cup of Tobacco tea

Mix together place in a hose-end sprayer..... soak plants to the point of run-off.

what is tobacco tea?

Place a handful of chewing tobacco in a gallon of water place in sun...after water turns dark brown strain with old screen window.

* My friend said this gets rid of all bugs and I say why wouldn't it.......

Happy Gardening...



ladyhawthorne said...

You don't want to use tobacco tea on plants you will eat because the plants take it in and it could be poisonous to your system. Use it till the plant starts to produce fruit only. Also be careful using tobacco around tomatoes as it carries a disease that kills tomatoes.

The Crazy Organic Gardener said...


Thank you for commenting....I agree that you should not use full strenghth tobacco on any plants.

My friends recipe is very
diluted... (watered down in the bucket and water down with soaker hose)and I am sure after the bugs are gone you can give your plants a good soak. (I also agree just until fruit appears.)

Have you tried this on your tomatoes?

I have to remind you this is my friends recipe. Which I thought was interesting and a little crazy.