Saturday, May 9, 2009


I am a big fan of mint....I love it in a nice tall glass of ice tea.

Mint is easy to grow but it can be invasive...I grow mine in large pots. I have see my friends grow mint in pots and place them in the ground. This way the mint doesn't spread out into the yard.

You need to clip off young shoots regularly to promote new growth. Pruning especially hard to stimulate growth of tender leaves.

I have my pots of mint near my house to prevent ants from coming in my house. You can place bundles of mint in your cabinets to prevent insects from getting into your beans, rice and even cereal.

One of my favorite ways to use mint is to make a pesticide to get ride of aphids and little caterpillars.


1 cup chopped mint
1 quart of water

placed in blender....blend in spray bottle

Spray on aphids and caterpillars until gone.

Happy Gardening...


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