Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gardening with children

We have teenage daughters now but we have always had our girls out in the garden. They still help us transplant plants, water and of course eat what we pick each evening. Here are a few ways to get your children involved with gardening....

1. Let your children have their own them draw up a plan and let them color where they are going to plant their vegetables.

2. Help them get their soil ready for the plants new home. I hate watching children get excited about planting their plants and then watching them dig a hole in clay dirt. Try to get the beds ready before hand....the children should not have to use a shovel...they should be able to dig with their hands in the nice composted soil.

3. Select vegetables that are easy to grow.

4. Always select vegetables that the children like to eat...why plant tomatoes if they don't like to eat tomatoes?

5. Have Fun!!! It should not be work....making it fun...will make them want to grow another garden next year!!

Happy Gardening!!


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