Monday, May 18, 2009

Adding coffee grounds to your garden beds...

I have been reading a lot about composting and what you should and should not add to your compost bins...but I have found that somethings can be added directly into your garden beds such as coffee.

Spreading coffee grounds around some of your garden plants is a good idea. The coffee grounds will add nutrients to the soil as they break down and will benefit your plants. Now I am not saying you should run out with a fresh filter of coffee grounds warm from the pot or pour a few fresh cups into your plants soil.

I would recommend putting your coffee grounds in a bucket and placing a little compost on top mix together then add to your garden plants..I know that lettuce loves this mixture. Tomatoes do not!

Coffee itself has a pH of 5-5.5 right out of the cup.

Do you ever use coffee grounds in your garden?

Happy Gardening...



Anonymous said...

Hi, I use coffee grounds in the garden sometimes but usually we put them in our worm farms. The worms love them.

The Crazy Organic Gardener said...


We have a worm bin but we have never given our worms coffee grounds. We usually give them vegetable scraps.